Top 10 Cryptocurrency Airdrops to Look Forward to in August 2022

Cryptocurrency airdrops are becoming more popular with the rising recognition of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency airdrops have become quite popular over the past couple of years, mainly due to their wide usability among crypto projects. There are several different yield generation strategies that investors can employ, but the most lucrative among them is the phenomenon of cryptocurrency investors. The primary criteria for attaining cryptocurrency airdrops include holding cryptocurrency wallets, in popular exchanges, such as Coinbase with a crypto balance. But investors should only follow the top crypto airdrops and steer clear of the others that aim to offer quick profits within a short period. Opting to attain cryptocurrency airdrops might be the best way to earn free crypto assets. Most blockchain projects, nowadays, offer provisions to distribute tokens to active traders for free, or in exchange for a little promotional activity on social media. Here, we have enlisted some of the best crypto airdrops that you can follow in 2022.



As opposed to the general perception, Tamadoge is not a part of the Doge ecosystem. The coin offers various utilities and enables players to earn while they play. The developers of Tamadoge burn around 5% of all the tokens spent, so the original supply of the tokens which totals 2 billion, continues to diminish. Players can mint and breed pets to compete for the top leaderboard positions and earn TAWA rewards.


Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a new metaverse game that is currently hitting milestones in its roadmap with crypto giveaways similar to airdrops. Battle Infinity has a Telegram account that published all the information needed to keep track of cryptocurrency airdrops.



MetaMask is a well-known custodial wallet and potentially one of the most promising crypto airdrops to watch out for in 2022. MetaMask comes in the form of a smartphone application and browser extension which gives crypto investors a secure login and key. It also acts as a token exchange, wallet, and anything else that investors might need to manage digital assets.


Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a decentralized crypto game based on blockchain technology. The entire process is controlled by smart contracts, which eliminates the need for any human intervention. This ensures that all gamers are safe, and secure, and acquire a fair experience.


Basic Attention Token

The developer of JavaScript created a platform for the digital advertising sector known as Basic Attention Token, with a native cryptocurrency called BAT. The project is offering free crypto airdrops in the domain. The token tracks how much time and attention the media consumers spend on websites when they use the Brave web browser, created on the ETH blockchain.



D/Bond describes itself as a single platform based on which all of its user’s financial needs can be met. It is a Defi 2.0 platform that allows users to create, trade, issue, and redeem financial derivatives and customized bonds. Users can create their own on-chain financial products, such as bonds that are backed by NFTs.



OpenSea is a leader in the non-fungible token marketplace. The platform has won the hearts of several users showcasing positive signs for a possible token launch this year. Speculations state that it might drop tokens to users who have bought or sold NFTs on the platform.



PulseChain is another airdrop that is popular among investors. The platform recently launched an initiative that will duplicate all the tokens that users currently hold on the Ethereum blockchain. Any token participants currently present on the Ethereum network will be automatically represented on PulseChain.


Defi Chain

 Defi Chain is another top choice for cryptocurrency airdrops that an investor can follow in August 2022. The platform offers a decreased risk of error, intelligent feature development, and high transaction throughput. This allows users to express complete financial services on the blockchain by concentrating on its functionality and decentralization.


Vinci Protocol

Vinci Protocol is an NFT-backed project that provides liquidity within the lending ecosystem. The network also manages market volatility with NFT-based derivative products. The upcoming crypto airdrop pool will be distributed to all qualified supporters of Vinci’s NFT platform.