Ethereum Merge is Driving the Price Rally, But Cardano Stands to Butcher it

The Cardano vs Ethereum battle is about to deepen as the crypto market starts to surge

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency has surged by more than 50% within a week, thanks to the recent revelation by Tim Beiko about the probable launch date of the Ethereum Merge upgrade. After this announcement, traders turned bullish toward the ETH token, and eventually, its price rally helped the entire altcoin sphere, along with Bitcoin to surge dramatically within the past few weeks. But Ethereum is about to face tough competition from Cardano. Even when the values of some of the biggest crypto assets in the market continued to plummet, the ADA token maintained a healthy price streak, before declining due to the impending financial threats posed by inflation. But again, Cardano has risen along with other altcoins and is dramatically moving upwards in an ascending trendline.

Based on reports, the token has surged by almost 20% within 24 hours. Analysts predict that as Cardano has finally managed to claim its old resistance back, deepening investment appetite among bulls, the crypto ought to remain above its current resistance mark to continue to gain bullish momentum. At the time of writing this article, the Cardano price is trading near the US$0.48 barrier. There might be several reasons behind the surging value of the ADA, including the fact that the broader market sentiments have improved significantly after the rise of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. After ADA’s surge, investors are quite excited to witness the newfound rivalry between Ethereum and Cardano.


Cardano’s price rally is a threat to Ethereum’s dominance

The individuals who have been following the cryptocurrency domain must definitely be aware of Cardano and Ethereum disagreements. Analysts frequently compare Cardano with Ethereum since both their networks provide similar services, and their networks can also be used for similar functions, such as running custom programming logic and creating programs. But the primary difference between the two cryptocurrencies is that Ethereum’s proof-of-work blockchain is quite less flexible than Cardano’s Proof-of-Stake Ouroboros consensus method. This means that Cardano is a far more affordable and flexible cryptocurrency in the market. But with the upcoming Merge upgrade launch, the competition between the top two altcoins seems to have heightened.

Since the inception of the two cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has grown enormously and is regarded as one of the most powerful digital assets in the world. Meanwhile, Cardano is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies in the world and possesses an outstanding record for development. Even though Cardano has been well-renowned for a massive downtrend for a prolonged period of time, it is relatively cheaper, which makes it an excellent investment option for existing investors.


Bottom Line

The upward price action of Cardano coincides with the Ethereum rally, and maybe this time, rather than competing to become the best, the two cryptocurrencies can support each others’ price rallies and continue to advance the market cap of the broader crypto market. In the months to come, the overwhelming economic crisis is expected to subside, finally deepening trust and investment appetite among investors.