Top 10 Cryptocurrency Presale that You Must Not Miss!

Risk-seeking investors looking to buy cryptocurrency may naturally gravitate towards presales

The best time to buy crypto is during presales. That’s usually when it’s the cheapest and has the most upward potential. We identified presale crypto tokens that may provide investors with significant returns. Blockchain is home to numerous cryptocurrencies, and more are added all the time. But only a few projects provide benefits and solve real-world problems. This article features the top 10 cryptocurrency presales that you must not miss!


Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Overall Best Crypto Presale to Invest In

Battle Infinity is an Indian-developed project and it’s next in line of this country’s successful cryptos, just take a look at the success of Polygon Matic in the past few months. In general, India is becoming one of the toughest world competitors when it comes to software engineering prowess.


Tamadoge (TAMA) – Best Meme Coin Presale

Tamadoge is another exciting crypto project that will enter the market later this year. The name of the project and its core resemble a popular game from the 90s called Tamagotchi. If you grew up in the 90s, you remember it as a small device that allowed you to take care of your digital pet. Tamadoge is one of the newest blockchain projects that share some features with the old-school game, but it’s set in a vibrant metaverse instead of an 8-bit screen.


Aura Network (Aura) — Much-awaited blockchain project of 2022

It is a scalable, agile, and seamless Layer-1 blockchain designed to accelerate the mass adoption of NFTs. The goal is to build a unified solution for minting, evaluating, querying, and transacting NFT. Aura Network comes with a comprehensive ecosystem that will cater to this mission. The decentralized NFT infrastructure will be optimized to bring forth a community model that gives power back to users. It will be governed by the community members instead of relying on other layer-1 blockchains.


Lucky Block (BLOCK) – Upgraded Token with Exciting New Use Cases

It’s possible to enter draws to benefit from blockchain and cryptocurrency. One platform that’s enabled is Lucky Block. Players who want to enter the draw to receive rewards can do it on this platform if they own the platform’s native token, BLOCK. Lucky Block provides players with rewards, but BLOCK has also provided investors with generous profits.


EstateX (ESX) – New Crypto Presale in the Real Estate Niche

Another pick for the best crypto presale to invest in this year is EstateX. EstateX is an upcoming cryptocurrency project that has already attracted significant attention on social media, with more than 5,800 followers on the official Twitter page. The project’s goal is to make real estate investing more simple, more accessible, and affordable to people worldwide.


BabyApeCoin (BAPE) – Top Presale Cryptocurrency with ‘Meme Coin’ Potential

ApeCoin definitely did well thanks to Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC), which is arguably the most famous NFT project. But investors who missed the ApeCoin ICO can still get in on the action in a similar version. Welcome to Baby ApeCoin. It’s a BEP20 token that is programmed to give investors rewards in BNB. Although it’s considered by some a mem coin, Baby ApeCoin is designed to provide investors utility.


LunaOne (XLN) – Exciting Metaverse Project with Web 3.0 Integration

Another exciting presale cryptocurrency to be aware of is LunaOne. LunaOne is a metaverse project that looks to combine business, gaming, and education into one ecosystem. As such, this will allow members of one niche to interact with demographics they wouldn’t usually communicate with – fostering new relationships and providing a platform for innovative creations. LunaOne users will be able to create their own avatar, which will provide the basis for earning XLN – LunaOne’s native token.


Sleep Care (SLEEP) – World’s First ‘Sleep-to-Earn’ Crypto Project

Sleep Care is the best crypto presale to invest in within the growing ‘Social-Fi’ niche. Sleep Care is a blockchain-based ‘sleep-to-earn’ application built on the Binance Smart Chain, offering a way for people to monetize their sleeping habits. The platform does this by using metrics collected by users’ smartphones which determine the sleep quality. Users will be rewarded in $SLEEP tokens, with a minimum of five hours of sleep required to begin earning.


Avolio (AVO) – Best Crypto Presale to Invest In for Crowdfunding

One of the best crypto presales in 2022 that has been attracting attention on social media is Avoteo. A vote is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that aims to streamline the capital-raising process for startups worldwide. AVO holders can vote for exciting projects on the platform and generate passive income through a useful profit-sharing feature. A vote will also act as a skill marketplace, allowing startups to find freelancers that suit their needs.


LeshyInu (LES) – Popular Meme Coin Crypto Presale

LeshyInu is a presale cryptocurrency project that has already garnered significant attention on social media. At the time of writing, LeshyInu’s Twitter page has nearly 14,000 followers, whilst the official Telegram group boasts more than 33,000 members. This community backing forms the foundation of LeshyInu’s appeal, as the name is derived from the famous ‘Shiba Inu’ coin.