Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps

With hundreds of cryptos proliferating the crypto market every day, it becomes a gigantic task to keep track.

Cryptocurrency is gaining immense popularity among the masses. Thanks to the freedom it offers in choosing a finance system independent of authorities. It offers easy money but trading in crypto is not an easy affair. One has to use either a trading bot, a mobile blockchain app, or a hardware device. Many new users are simply discouraged because of the lengthy and complicated procedure which is required for a head start in crypto trading. There are plenty of cryptocurrency exchange apps with advanced crypto tools which allow users to store, send, receive, or trade-in cryptocurrencies. While some are free, some cost the users dearly. Here is the list of a few cryptocurrency exchange apps which can come in handy for a glitch-free trading experience.

1. Binance: With its intuitive interface and advanced features like margin trading, exchange trading, and wallet storage, it is one of the most used cryptocurrency exchange apps. Users can use its native token called BNB to pay a fee, which means paying for the gas fee in BNB will make the transaction cheaper. It can support more than 500 digital currencies for crypto and crypto trading pairs. It allows for free Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) transfer and charges $15 per US wire transfer.

2. Coinbase: Considered as one of the most secure crypto exchanges for its features such as multi-signature wallets, and offline storage of crypto, preventing your account from the reach of hackers. It is a legal crypto exchange and by volume, it is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. With a simple interface for beginners, it supports around 150 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Types of transactions include buying, selling, exchanging, and receiving cryptocurrencies.

3. NordVPN: The USP of the NordVPN applies in its accessibility from any geographical area. The virtual private network makes the user appear to be living in the country of a VPN server location. It provides military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill-switch for IP leak protection, fast bandwidth, DDoS, etc. It is enabled with a strict no-logs policy for privacy with CyberSec feature, malware protection, ad-and track blocking. This app runs on Android, iOS devices, and desktops.

4. Blockchain app: It is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange apps, with functionalities like storing, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies. It has over 31 million verified users and has completed over $1Trillion in crypto transactions from different parts of the world. Traders interested in exotic altcoins will find this app useful. With advanced security features like 2FA, pin protection and TOR blocking, and inbuild coin-savings account yielding 12% interest, this crypto exchange app has use cases beyond the regular range.

5. eToro: With a user-friendly interface, this cryptocurrency exchange app is an easy-to-use trading platform that allows users to choose from a range of trading tools like Stocks, Forex, ETFs, CFDs, Futures, and cryptocurrencies. Now it is possible for users to instantly fund their accounts with the eToro app. It has entered into an agreement with around 20 leading banks worldwide which makes users encash their cryptos easily. It offers zero Dollar commissions for US traders and needs a limited number of tools for trading.

6. Bybit: As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, it provides trading services for around 100 cryptocurrencies. The notable features include margin trading, high liquidity, low fees, and multilingual support. The spot trading feature helps users buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best available rates and reasonable market liquidity. It offers the best trading experience by constantly adding new features, making the platform better for the newcomers. Payment methods such as Master card/ visa cards, cash deposit, and debit cards are supported in 59 standard currencies.

7. The world’s fastest-growing app, is a crypto investing and staking platform, which allows users to buy, sell, trade, and earn interest of up to 8% on their crypto deposits and 12% in case of stable coins. Using their credit/debit card, users can buy, sell NFTs and bidding starts at USD 0. Currently, it costs around 10 million users trading in more than 250 cryptocurrencies at true cost. Its Hot wallets help in a controlled day-to-day withdrawal request from users. It is known for its security features such as multi-signature key-generation, regulation of fiat transactions and storage, etc.

8. Bisq: It provides a peer-to-peer trading environment where users can trade without the involvement of a centralized third party. Bisq’s infrastructure lies on top of the Bitcoin protocol, an arrangement that makes Bisq architectures less prone to hacking and security breaches. Bisq allows users to deposit fiat through AliPay, OKPay, Zelle, PerfectMoney, or crypto. However, it doesn’t allow credit cards. The transaction fee depends on the trading volume with varying deposit and withdrawal fees. But with Bisq currency the transactions are free.

9. Blockfolio: It allows users to analyze their portfolio by market cap, daily change, total value, etc. It enables users to track around 100 cryptocurrencies at once providing real-time updates on competitive prices. Its unique features include no-fee trading, price tracker for around 10,000 cryptocurrencies, import data from any cryptocurrency exchange of choice, etc. Blockfolio is literally a free app charging zero fees for all transactions made on the app.

10. Robinhood: It is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange app, which offers unlimited commission-free transactions. Until recently it was the only such app offering free services. It offers trades in stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency. Of late it has become very popular among millennial users, with over 13 million people trading over it. Apart from offering zero-cost transactions, its other differentiating factors include the requirement of no minimum account balance, the possibility to invest as much money as you want in a company regardless of share price, trading options contracts and cryptocurrency, etc.

With hundreds of cryptos proliferating the crypto market every day, it becomes a near-impossible task to keep track of their performance, particularly when you are a newbie. It is always suggested to choose the best combination of well-performing crypto apps and crypto exchanges to yield optimum benefits. Whether you are a long-term investor or a trader, it takes a lot of reading between the lines to make big bucks out of a shape-shifting market.