Crypto Presales

In 2022, here are the top 14 crypto pre-sales to consider – a pre-ICO project comparison

Presales may be a natural choice for risk-taking investors looking to purchase cryptocurrencies, as these projects sometimes promise triple-digit (or even quadruple-digit) returns once they get traction. Here is a list of the top future cryptocurrency presales:


FightOut, a platform that awards users with tokens for actions and steps they do, is our top pick for the greatest presale. This platform makes $FGHT tokens available for presale so that investors can benefit from a cheap asset that is acquired by living an active lifestyle. Users of the FightOut membership app can personalize their workouts and get video instructions to concentrate on their areas of expertise in training. Users will also have access to actual FightOut gyms, which will be situated in significant global cities.


The greatest cryptocurrency presale to buy in for 2022 is Dash 2 Trade because the protocol will assist users in becoming better, more knowledgeable traders and investors. The new dashboard attracted a lot of interest from investors after it launched, bringing in more than $500,000 in its first day and now having raised more than $9.5 million; however, there is now a limited window of opportunity for investors to secure tokens before they are listed on major exchanges as the presale is nearing its conclusion. The creators have chosen to move the project forward in the wake of the FTX crash. The presale was originally scheduled to continue through nine rounds with 665 million tokens allotted.


The native token of RobotEra’s metaverse ecosystem, TARO, is one of the top new crypto presales to buy right now in the gaming sector. The RobotEra ecology seeks to create a metaverse that resembles a virtual world, similar to The Sandbox and Decentraland. Players can access in-game NFTs and advertising possibilities as well as the project’s DAO by using its native token, TARO (decentralized autonomous organization). By signing up as Robots, which are NFT characters created on the Ethereum blockchain, players can access the TARO planet. 10,000 Robot NFTs are available as a limited edition collection and are part of 7 separate campaigns.


One of the biggest opportunities to invest in the P2E sector this year is with the new battle-card game Calvaria. RIA, the project’s native coin, is currently undergoing a successful presale.


The eco-friendly cryptocurrency project IMPT, which has raised $20.5 million in funding, is our next choice. It will launch its initial exchange offering (IEO) on December 14, 2022.


Oryen is without a doubt one among the best presales in 2022. The goal of this decentralized staking platform is to provide a fresh take on conventional staking and make it simple for anyone to generate passive income. The Oryen Autostaking Technic, or OAT, is the core of the future platform and is designed with beginner-friendliness in mind. It makes it possible for users and owners of ORY, the native token, to receive frictionless and guaranteed staking rewards at a rate of 90% annually.


By incorporating the well-liked play-to-earn mechanism into the meme token format, Tamadoge hopes to address this. Tamadoge, which went live in Q3 2022 at a token price of $0.01, sold out its presale on September 18 after raising $19 million. The initial projection for the round was $10 million. However, the team nearly doubled its presale funding round when the beta presale was a success.


All of the NFTs in the marketplace Metropoly are supported by actual real estate. On the Metropoly marketplace, ownership is also fractionalized, so you can start accumulating real estate assets with as little as $100 USD.

9.Battle Infinity:

The Battle Arena is the name of Battle Infinity’s virtual universe, which has six different platforms available. The “IBAT Premier League,” a blockchain-based fantasy sports game that lets players build their teams and win rewards, is one of the most well-known. Notably, all in-game participants are set up as NFTs, opening the door for the growth of a self-sufficient market. Because of this, a lot of cryptocurrency-hungry traders think that Battle Infinity is the greatest metaverse platform for 2022.

10.Lucky Block:

Lucky Block is another cryptocurrency to keep an eye on. Although Lucky Block isn’t strictly a “presale,” its creators have recently unveiled the eagerly anticipated “LBLOCK V2” coin.