TikTok is being used by cryptocurrency companies to rekindle interest

According to Statista, TikTok has experienced meteoric success in recent years and is now among the top 6 social media platforms globally. Near the end of the year, several employees have begun departing, often with unexpected destinations. Kevin Yang has resigned from his job as TikTok’s product lead for the company’s entertainment vertical monetization. He announced his departure by writing, “I will be joining Crypto for my next adventure.” He didn’t say where he was going exactly. Yang worked on customer interaction at Paypal after spending two years as a data scientist at Facebook. I’m really bullish on the sector long term, and I firmly believe that now is a perfect opportunity to lay the groundwork for the next bull market, the speaker declared. But he’s not the only one. This month, TikTok employees have been hired in large numbers, especially by Binance. They include the manager of social partnerships Alexandra Flodin and the manager of content partnerships Xiaomeng Cui. Consumer interaction is a key focus of these hires. It’s important to note that the cryptocurrency company hired TikTok’s Stacey Dsylva as senior director of global brand and creative in July.

A Datareportal worldwide statshot reveals that young men are much more likely than young women to own Bitcoin, with 16% of males aged 16 to 24 owning it compared to only 8% of females in the same age group. Even while only 46% of all social media users are female, the same survey also claims that TikTok’s female ad reach makes up 53.1% of the overall ad reach. The hiring also being dominated by women may indicate a trend toward a more feminine consumer base. This recruitment could be viewed as an effort to close the gender gap in crypto ownership among young people, while crypto as a whole battles accusations of “bro culture.”

Working with a talent like Khaby Lame will help Binance spread the word about its objective to promote Web3 adoption and awareness to a brand-new audience. Throughout the cooperation, Khaby Lame will address some of the misconceptions around Web3 in his distinctive manner. In order to further improve the experience for his followers, he will also collaborate on unique NFT collections with Binance. Fans can anticipate unique Khaby Lame NFT collections on Binance as well as bite-sized cryptocurrency instruction, all of which will be presented in classic Khaby Lame flair and capped off with his trademark “Khaby move.” Yes, we all recognize them.

As someone who has long been intrigued by Web3, Khaby Lame exclaimed, “I leaped at the chance to join with a leader like Binance because it coincides perfectly with what I typically do: making complex things accessible and enjoyable for everyone.” “Khaby is one of the world’s most entertaining creators and a cultural icon. As we increase Web3 use, we think his charisma and sense of humor will add relevance and relatability, according to James Rothwell, Binance Global Vice President of Marketing. With so much ambiguity surrounding Web3 and false information spread throughout the world, he continued, “having Khaby on board to help dispel some of the myths surrounding this space was a natural match.”

Turning to a brand with such enormous growth makes a lot of sense given the industry’s image issue. However, it will take a lot more than catchy tunes and entertaining dancing moves to get people excited about digital assets any time soon.