Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is finally listed on the Robinhood exchange! Great news for SHIB investors.

The year 2021 and 2022 have been rollercoaster rides for the cryptocurrency market, but the situation presented itself with massively good opportunities for Shiba Inu. The Shiba Inu coin has been in the limelight for several reasons, even though its current value is not very high. SHIB was one of the most popular cryptocurrencies back in 2021, with immense gain in market capitalization, In fact, for a brief moment Shiba Inu took over Dogecoin to become one of the largest meme coins in the world. SHIB’s holder community grew to over 1 million within a very short period of time. But like any other cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu also suffered during the great cryptocurrency market meltdown. Nevertheless, SHIB fanatics never lost their hopes and have continued to strive for its growth and enhanced market prominence. In fact, SHIB enthusiasts that are Robinhood users have long requested to brokerage the listing of the crypto. They even created a petition that started last year and garnered more than 550,000 signatories in favor of the move. Finally, after a lot of discussions and considerations, the Robinhood exchange has finally decided and agreed to list Shiba Inu, along with three other cryptocurrencies on their listings for trading!

Well, this initiative by the Robinhood exchange is like a dream come true for the crypto community and SHIB fanatics. The company had previously stated that its experts always conduct thorough research before listing any new coins in their exchange. Besides, they also focus on customer demand, its a listing committee, deliberate factors, including on-chain analysis, tech, and security, as well as several legal and financial variables. Before listing Shiba Inu, Robinhood checked similar potentials for the crypto and decided on this initiative. The exchange has been quite active in its crypto offerings lately. In fact, a few weeks back, the crypto exchange giant started rolling out wallet facilities for its users and granted the facility to more than 2 million customers who were on the waiting list for the service. The wallet enabled users to deal with cryptocurrencies outside Robinhood’s trading platform. 


Shiba Inu’s Price Rally After Robinhood Listing

Based on what experts predict, the crypto might be triggering bullish price rallies this year, after its listing on the Robinhood exchange. The crypto ran 30% within 24 hours and is up for a distinguishable start. The volatile price fluctuations could be market creators’ attempt to entice traders to adopt more cryptocurrencies. Shiba Inu’s profit volume project that the crypto is here to stay and proves that it is more than just a meme coin and investors should consider it as a long-term investment option. Volumes of SHIB tokens also jumped with a spectacular jump of 475 percent, 

There have been reports about Ethereum whales purchasing SHIB tokens in bulk. Now if Ethereum investors are turning to Shiba Inu, it is enough evidence that the SHIB ecosystem is growing even more powerful. However, like any other cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu also has a limited supply, a standing total of one quadrillion tokens. Although this is a huge number that can satiate a growing army of investors, it is still a finite number that can help spark doubts about the coin’s future. 


Bottom Line

Shiba Inu coin prices can go up really high from now, even though it is challenged by a limited supply in circulation. Experts predict that SHIB can cross its high time highs this year.