Bitcoin is one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies in the market, and also the most volatile

Cryptocurrency has gained a considerable amount of traction over the past few years and has created quite a stir in the financial and economic markets. The investment sector has been quite hyped up since the emergence of cryptocurrencies, in fact, crypto has gained the title of a successful hedge against inflation and a safe store of value. Even new and young investors have been meaning to explore the extremely volatile crypto market. It is quite a known fact that among all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most profitable one, yet the one with the most volatility. The massive volatile swings in its price are enough to make crypto beginners realize that it might not be easy to venture into the market. Investing in Bitcoin requires patience and planning. Even though with every passing month, the number of Bitcoin investments is rising, it is most crucial to realize one’s own potential to manage losses and to invest in such a volatile asset rather than simply following what’s in vogue. In this article, we have listed the top Bitcoin strategies that beginners can use to strategize their Bitcoin investments in 2022.


Choose the right exchange to trade Bitcoin

Before anything, investors need to analyze the right exchange for themselves. It is quite important to choose the right crypto exchange. Scammers actively seek opportunities to hack crypto exchange domains and steal all of the investors’ profits and investments. Hence, they need to effectively learn how to protect their Bitcoin investments and then start investing in it. The trial-and-error method does work, but it might sometimes cost investors their hard-earned money.


Study Bitcoin Properly

Investing in Bitcoin is tricky. Even though it is the oldest cryptocurrency in the market, BTC is also the most volatile. Bitcoin is not backed by any hard asset that will drive its profits and investor returns, hence, it completely depends on market conditions, investor sentiments, and other external factors. It is important to study BTC’s past cycles and then act strategize a business plan accordingly.


Do not try to invest more than you can afford to lose

It is of utmost importance that investors do not carry themselves away with the flow. They have to avoid putting more money than they need in such a speculative cryptocurrency. There are no guaranteed returns in the crypto market. For crypto like Bitcoin, new investors should be absolutely careful as to how much money they are putting in the market.


Choose a trusted Bitcoin wallet

The cryptocurrency market has several companies and exchanges that provide wallet facilities. There are several kinds of wallets that investors can choose. It is important for them to understand their different roles and functions and choose the right one based on their requirements.


Watch Bitcoin’s volatility

The prices of most cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are as volatile as the market. They could drop quickly within seconds. This might be great for sophisticated investors who can carry out Bitcoin trading within a matter of a few seconds. However, for new investors, volatility might not be the exact picture that they will imagine while entering the crypto market.


Diversify and Maintain a Healthy Portfolio

A healthy crypto portfolio involves investing in more than Bitcoin. This strategy also enables crypto investors to minimize losses and maximize profits. Yes, investing in more than one cryptocurrency might invite several complications, but it would also, at some point in time help them incur fewer losses. It is wise to distribute the investment over a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, rather than focusing on just one.


Do not follow the hype

Just like investing in any other traditional investment would involve ignoring the hype and filtering out what social media crypto influencers have to say, Bitcoin investments to need to ignore the hype. A smart Bitcoin investor would never make decisions based on hype, rather they would look at the coin’s current movements and then act accordingly.


Try and automate Bitcoin trading

This modern generation is completely based on automation. Investors are looking for several ways to automate their current investments. Several trusted cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini provide automation facilities. This method takes off the time and stress of constantly monitoring the market. In this case, using trading bots can prove extremely helpful.


Do not buy Bitcoin just because the price is low

Investor sentiments do not always work when you think they will. Sometimes the price of Bitcoin is genuinely low for a reason. So, follow the movements of other cryptocurrencies, and watch the news.


Always be safe

The crypto market is filled with scammers who are always looking for different ways to steal the profits incurred by investors and crypto companies. But investors should also remain vigilant and explore the market. Sometimes the crypto influencers investors follow, or the exciting schemes and offers that they get to see in the market are just scams. So, crypto beginners should analyze these offers first and then decide on the next step.