The top 10 crypto and NFT podcasts to follow in 2023 are listed below if you enjoy listening to podcasts

Blockchain technology is continually evolving, despite the mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Investors and enthusiasts must stay current on market news and trends given the fast-expanding crypto and NFT landscapes and the rising popularity of DeFi.  You can find a podcast that will give you fresh perspectives on the crypto sector whether you are an expert or a novice in the world of crypto and NFTs. The following list of the best 10 crypto and NFT podcasts to follow in 2023 is perfect for podcast fans. You can listen to these podcasts wherever you are and whatever you are doing, and they are great for both education and enjoyment.

1. Blockcrunch: For decentralized finance (DeFi), non-financial technologies (NFTs), and Web3, there’s an excellent podcast called Blockcrunch. The show has been run by blockchain investor and entrepreneur Jason Choi since 2018. It focuses on the most recent events, innovations, and initiatives in the area. The program dives into the history of blockchain technology as well as current affairs.

2. What Bitcoin did? A well-known name in the Bitcoin sector, Peter McCormack is the host of the three times weekly podcast show What Bitcoin Did. The podcast discusses a wide range of subjects about cryptocurrencies and NFTs, such as the most recent information and advancements in the industry, as well as a thorough analysis and critical look at the numerous problems and controversies surrounding Bitcoin. McCormack welcomes a range of professionals and business titans as guests, giving listeners a variety of viewpoints on the cryptocurrency market.

3. Unchained: Laura Shin, a former senior editor at Forbes, is the host of the cryptocurrency podcast Unchained. The podcast focuses on the most recent news in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. To offer in-depth analysis and perspective on the quickly developing crypto industry, Shin speaks with a wide spectrum of specialists and professionals in the field, including business owners, investors, and academics.

4. Bankless: Ryan Sean Adams, the creator of Mythos Capital, a cryptocurrency investing firm, is the host of the podcast Bankless. The program offers up-to-date information and analysis on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency investment advice, and the evolution of money to listeners. NFTs, smart contracts, and the future of money are just a few of the subjects Ryan and his guests cover in their discussions on the DeFi ecosystem.

5. Rugradio: The first genuinely decentralized web3 media platform, according to Rug Radio. Rugradio hosts and members on the podcast, in contrast to other podcasts. The podcast thinks it is creating a platform where everyone’s incentives are catered to truth, ownership, and long-term goals. Ownership implies that the listeners have a say in what is broadcast, how it is broadcast, and the incentives produced by the podcast.

6. NGMI: Kmoney and Champ are the hosts of the web3 and NFT comedy podcast name. The podcast focuses on NFT-related themes and features interviews with NFT creators like DeGods and Pudgy Penguins as well as well-known figures like Seth Green and M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold.

7. The Scoop: Frank Chaparro is the host of the weekly Bitcoin podcast The Scoop. The podcast focuses on blockchain technology, finance, cryptocurrency, and the most recent news and developments in the crypto business. To provide in-depth analysis and insights on current affairs and trends, Chaparro speaks with crypto project leaders and specialists. He also shares extra data from The Block Research.

8. Gitcoin creator Kevin Owocki is the host of, a place where investors and developers collaborate to create the open web. The podcast is built on crypto-economic concepts with an emphasis on regenerative finance that benefits consumers and the world (ReFi). It investigates the use of economic models, game theory, and digital currencies. Kevin looks for fresh approaches to finance, plan, develop, and market regenerative cryptocurrency use cases.

9. A16z: The A16z episodes are hosted by the Silicon Valley-based venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz. Neal Stephenson, who originated the phrase “metaverse,” is a guest on one of the company’s weekly programs and is joined by other world thinkers and voices. Neal Stephenson is also the author of several books on the subject. Because it includes topics on technology, innovation, and change and how these affect our lives, the A16z Podcast is well worth listening to. The podcast discusses a wide range of issues, including business management for companies of all kinds, cultures, and technological advancements.

10. UpOnly: Every Thursday at 8 PM UTC for the main program, Cobie and Ledger broadcast the UpOnly podcast. It concentrates on news in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. The broadcasters offer their audience commentary and analysis on the most recent business happenings as well as the occasional treat. The program has discussed important subjects like the development of DeFi, NFTs, and the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies among mainstream consumers.