Your Bitcoin Savings Can Be Used as “Generational Wealth”!

To HODL or bear children? BTC earnings were used to pay for the IVF Bitcoin Babies

A Brit named Noodle, who first learned about Bitcoin in 2012, used the money from his Bitcoin purchases to pay for his wife’s in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. According to him, he has “no regrets” about choosing to start a family using the fiat-denominated proceeds from buying, holding, and then selling Bitcoin. Should you hold onto your Bitcoin until the very end or sell a little amount to start a family? It was obvious to one Bitcoiner in northwest London. Welcoming Noodle Jr. II to this crazy world. Mrs. Noodle and I, couldn’t be happier to bring this little hodler home. After a challenging 6 days in hospital owing to unforeseen issues.

When 1 BTC was valued approximately at $13 at the end of 2012, Noodle first learned about Bitcoin. Early Bitcoin users could trade almost anything using Bitcoin as the internal currency on the now-defunct marketplace Silk Road. Despite his gym buddy’s advice, Noodle didn’t immediately dismiss Bitcoin; however, he didn’t give it much thought until a close friend showed him how to use it to purchase marijuana on the Silk Road. After his close friend explained that they might be able to use Bitcoin to purchase actual goods, Noodle was persuaded. “And I thought, “Let’s do it.” So we bought seven Bitcoin, which were $57 each at the time.”

Since then, the price of Bitcoin has increased by over 400 times, reaching a bear market value of $20,000 in 2022. For Noodle in 2013, he stated it was “a tremendously confusing process” to receive Bitcoin, but he persisted and was able to do it in order to purchase goods. Unaware of it, Noodle had also fallen down the rabbit hole, and his experience with bitcoin had only just begun. “Once the weed showed up, I was completely lost in my research and seemed to be looking into everything. I never, ever imagined that I would be interested in anything related to fiscal policy, macroeconomic outlooks, etc.”

For Noodle, Bitcoin opened up a whole new universe of knowledge, including finance and education. Noodle became fascinated with everything, including fractional reserve banking, the Federal Reserve, currency debasement, and how money functions. Naturally, Noodle’s wife, with whom he has been together since 2008, learned about his newfound love. The enthusiasm finally caught on, as Noodle’s wife used some of the newlyweds’ wedding funds to purchase Bitcoin in 2014. And who would have known that Bitcoin would later be used to finance IVF, which is not inexpensive, says Noodle in jest. ”

The Noodles always intended to have children. Sadly, becoming pregnant was difficult. We struggled for a very long time. They sought medical guidance and quickly recognized they may need reproductive treatment. IVF is a fertility treatment in which a woman’s ovary is removed and an egg is fertilized with sperm in a lab. We’ve never really liked the stigma around IVF, so we prefer to talk about it rather than keep it quiet. The fertilized egg is placed back inside the woman’s womb where it can develop and thrive.

The technique is time-consuming, expensive, and, depending on a number of variables, has a success rate ranging from 4% to 38%. In addition, although being commonplace in Noodle’s native United Kingdom, IVF therapy still has a stigma, as Noodle hinted. Noodle continued, “IVF is really expensive. The majority of individuals cannot afford it or incur debt in order to do so. Some advised me not to sell my Bitcoin and that I should have taken for a loan, but I wasn’t ready to be so stubborn about it. Noodle then traded some Bitcoin. Over the course of several years, Noodle exchanged about $70,000 in Bitcoin for government-issued pounds. The fiat-denominated revenues covered both of their IVF treatments, which included numerous cycles, and ultimately had two babies.

Noodle stated that without Bitcoin, he would have probably taken out a loan to pay for the therapy since his family was vital to him and he would have done anything to make it work. However, we were quite fortunate to have some Bitcoin, and I held onto it for a very long period. Noodle and his wife were able to live their dream of creating a family with Bitcoin while remaining debt-free. Noodle remarked, “I think we’re done with two kids until the price gets absolutely insane!” in response to the question of whether or not there might be any more Bitcoin babies Noodles wandering into northwest London.