A business that enables cryptocurrency transfers is known as a cryptocurrency exchange. Customers of cryptocurrency exchanges can purchase and sell different digital currencies. Through the platform of the exchange, they might also be able to:

  • Change one cryptocurrency for another at the going rate of exchange.
  • Trade cryptocurrencies for fiat money (such as dollars) or for other cryptocurrencies that are linked to fiat money.
  • Spend cryptocurrency with a linked debit card, for instance.
  • Learn about digital currencies by consulting instructional materials.

Cryptocurrency investments are still relatively speculative, so they might not be suitable for everyone. The top cryptocurrency exchanges for December 2022 are shown below.

Gemini: Has a user-friendly smartphone interface and a nice selection of cryptocurrencies to offer. Another noteworthy benefit is the Gemini Earn feature, which offers high-interest rates on cryptocurrency holdings.

One of the greatest applications for purchasing both cryptocurrencies and more conventional investments like stocks and options is Robinhood. It provides instant access to deposits and offers a large variety of well-known cryptocurrencies. Additionally, trading cryptocurrencies on Robinhood is completely commission-free.

A complete financial ecosystem surrounds SoFi Active Investing. Members of SoFi have access to five different cryptocurrency exchanges. They can invest in stocks, save money, and take out loans. Although SoFi does charge a markup, the platform’s all-in-one simplicity may still be worth considering.

On its site, eToro offers a good variety of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it provides some distinctive features including commenting options akin to social networks and the capacity to track and replicate the investments of other bitcoin traders.

With its extensive selection of cryptocurrencies, Coinbase excels. For hardcore cryptocurrency lovers, there is also a cutting-edge trading platform available. Additionally, if you’re ready to enroll in any educational courses, you can earn some free cryptocurrency.

The Cash App from Square only supports bitcoin. But for those who only want to buy, trade, and hold the most popular cryptocurrency, it might be a wise decision. Along with these wonderful features, the well-known banking software also offers stock trading and person-to-person payments.

Binance: The United States earned The Ascent’s 2022 prize for the greatest Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange. It offers a wide range of features for both novice and experienced traders, and it has outstanding security credentials.

Apps for cryptocurrencies that are reputable and safe to use take security seriously. Gemini and Coinbase, which are renowned for using market-leading security procedures, are two of the safest solutions. If you want to know if a particular cryptocurrency program is secure, look into the security measures it provides and see if it has ever been hacked. The most secure cryptocurrency applications have bug bounty schemes, two-factor authentication (2FA), and cold storage for the majority of user assets.