Coca-Cola and will immortalize the fervor, force, and remarkable talent of the top teams competing in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM in a series of NFT artworks inspired by the distinctive “heatmaps” formed by each team’s on-field attacks, tackles, and winning goals. The 10,000 unique NFTs were produced by tracking the in-game movements of players during matches, and were developed and hosted on the NFT platform by digital artist GMUNK (a leading NFT artist who has worked in the digital space for over 20 years and is credited with creating the sci-fi look of the Hollywood films Tron: Legacy and Oblivion).

This project, which combines digital art with football, is a part of Coca-Cola and’s commitment to continue providing fans with unique World Cup experiences. Once they register for a NFT platform account, football fans from all around the world will have access to the NFTs. For a chance to acquire a Coca-Cola “Piece of Magic” NFT inspired by FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM, qualified fans only need to register on Coca-Fanzone Cola’s page and click on the NFT banner. This unique type of memorabilia will live forever on the blockchain.

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) sells beverages under more than 500 different brand names in more than 200 different nations. Twelve markets are covered by the Coca-Cola Company’s Middle East operations, including six GCC nations, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Yemen. Our portfolio of nearly 20 sparkling soft drink brands, including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Thums Up, QJ, Canada Dry, and Schweppes, is produced by 23 bottling facilities located throughout the region. Our portfolio also includes nearly 20 hydration and juice brands, such as arwa, crystal, Al Waha, dasani minera, safia, minute maid, cappy, fuze tea, and glaceau vitamin water.

The FIFA World CupTM in Qatar is about bringing spectacular moments to life on and off the pitch for millions of fans from the region and beyond, according to Nazli Berberoglu, FIFA World Cup General Manager at The Coca-Cola Company. 10,000 magnificent and exclusive “Pieces of Magic” in the form of NFTs will be made available for purchase as a result of this amazing partnership with GMUNK. According to Steven Kalifowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at, the FIFA World Cup this year will be the first to use Web3 technology. “It’s an honor to work with Coca-Cola and GMUNK to commemorate these historic matches, which will be recorded on the blockchain forever. We are creating a brand-new type of memorabilia for fans to keep forever as a team.

GMUNK is a visionary who has made a name for himself as one of the best visual design directors in the world. His inventiveness and ingenuity cut across a wide range of mediums. His unique style is cryptic, atmospheric, and metaphysical, much like the Munky himself, utilizing a mix of hallucinogenic themes and beautifully textured colors. His eagerness to learn and be uncomfortable serves as his ethos. His ongoing goal is to work with new colleagues and new mediums to use his design background. These efforts frequently result in short films, installations, digital art exhibitions, commercials, music videos, title sequences, and numerous motion design applications. These outcomes are frequently stunning and surprising.

“At its core, Coca-Cola “Piece of Magic” uses football data as our paintbrush, defining densities, behaviors, and color applications to mold and create an immersive piece of art that embraces the essence of football and tells a visual story particular to each match,” artist Gmunk continued. Coca-digital Cola’s center for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM is called Coca-Cola Fan Zone. It offers supporters the chance to communicate their feelings, excitement, memories, and support for the FIFA World CupTM this year. The Leaderboard, Promises, and Believers Predictions are the three primary components of the Coca-Cola Fan Zone, which together create a global competition that will put fans’ knowledge to the test and let them connect with one another.

SM BLURB: Coca-Cola collaborates with and digital artist GMUNK to release NFTs produced based on “heatmaps” from the competition’s matches, commemorating the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Read to know more.