The top 5 cryptocurrency pre-sales for January 2023 that will be profitable investments

The majority of digital assets, including crypto mainstays like Bitcoin and Ethereum, lost more than 60% of their value in 2022, while many other coins and tokens lost far more. That doesn’t mean, however, that innovation in the cryptocurrency industry has ceased or that there aren’t new ventures bringing novel features, usefulness, and, consequently, the possibility of huge returns, to the fore. One of the most profitable chances in cryptocurrency is presales. They allow early investors to invest in cryptocurrency initiatives before they become more widely accepted, positioning them to profit greatly if the projects are successful. The key warning here is that there is no assurance that the projects will be successful, thus purchasing crypto coins during the presale period can be dangerous. Here are a few active presales that could offer a profitable investment opportunity, particularly if the bearish trend suddenly changes direction.

Investors can purchase the native CCHG token of the C+Charge project during the presale for 0.013 USDT per token using their BNB and USDT. By March 19th, 2023, the team hopes to raise a little over $2 million. Owners of the CCHG token can access the powerful peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system and earn carbon credits.

A mobile application called Meta Masters Guild (MMG) uses the play-and-earn (P&E) mechanism to build a gaming ecosystem where users may earn cryptocurrency prizes by performing in-game missions and other chores. MMG wants to be the starting point for blockchain games that are decentralized and use MEMAG as their only currency.

The goal of the card game Calvaria is Duels of Eternity, which is played in the style of a tournament, is for players to accumulate assets under the true and complete authority of their owners. Players can also compete in seasonal tournaments with huge prize pools and combat a variety of AI foes in the single-player campaign.

Sport Infinity is a decentralized cryptocurrency gaming platform that offers an alternative to conventional fantasy sports league gaming goods by leveraging several well-known ideas, including metaverse, play-to-earn (P2E), and NFTs. ISportSwap, the platform’s native decentralized exchange, ISport Games, a multiplayer game store where players can access a variety of NFT-based games, ISport Market, an NFT marketplace, and ISport Staking, a dedicated staking platform where users can earn additional rewards are among the platform’s core features.

Another blockchain game project on our list of optimistic January presales is RobotEra. Users of the game will take on the roles of robots to rebuild the world in the metaverse. To rebuild, one must gather materials that can be used to create a variety of structures and buildings, each of which is a distinct NFT. Each Robot character is an NFT that may be used to trade or reclaim territory, mine crystals for equipment-making, and construct objects. Additionally, through community governance made possible by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), players can take part in AIDrops and cast votes for game development.