Top 10 Crypto Podcasts Every Investor Must Tune in to in 2023

Top 10 crypto podcasts you can tune in to learn more about in 2023

1. What Bitcoin did Do? A well-known name in the Bitcoin sector, Peter McCormack is the host of the three times weekly podcast show What Bitcoin Did. The podcast discusses a wide range of subjects about cryptocurrencies and NFTs, such as the most recent information and advancements in the industry, as well as a thorough analysis and critical look at the numerous problems and controversies surrounding Bitcoin. McCormack welcomes a range of professionals and business titans as guests, giving listeners a variety of viewpoints on the cryptocurrency market.

2. Unchained: Laura Shin, a former senior editor at Forbes, is the host of the cryptocurrency podcast Unchained. The podcast focuses on the most recent news in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. To offer in-depth analysis and perspective on the quickly developing crypto industry, Shin speaks with a wide spectrum of specialists and professionals in the field, including business owners, investors, and academics.

3. Bankless: Ryan Sean Adams, the creator of Mythos Capital, a cryptocurrency investing firm, is the host of the podcast Bankless. The program offers up-to-date information and analysis on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency investment advice, and the evolution of money to listeners. NFTs, smart contracts, and the future of money are just a few of the subjects Ryan and his guests cover in their discussions on the DeFi ecosystem.

4. Despite its Moniker: “The Bad Crypto Podcast” excels at providing informative information about changes in cryptocurrency prices and other pertinent news. It’s the best crypto podcast for 2023 since it never skips any information about attitudes and patterns in the cryptocurrency market. You must listen to “The Bad Crypto Podcast” if you have previously invested in cryptocurrencies. The co-hosts, crypto professionals Joel Comm and Travis Wright offer broader perspectives on how to navigate your ship during bullish or negative trends in the cryptocurrency market.

5. Stephan Livera Podcast: With its debut in 2018, the Stephan Livera Podcast is not only one of the most popular in the cryptocurrency sector but also one of the most established. 1-2 new episodes are released each week. This episode is undoubtedly for more seasoned cryptocurrency investors who were early users of Bitcoin. Numerous crypto-related subjects are covered in the Stephan Livera Podcast, including mining, halving, energy use, blockchain technology, software, and many others.

6. Crypto 101: Consider listening to this acclaimed podcast if you wish to start fresh. Aaron Malone, a crypto adviser, and Bryce Paul, a developer of cryptocurrency businesses, demystify and simplify complicated cryptographic ideas.

7. The host of the podcast Cryptocurrency for Beginners is a YouTuber named Crypto Casey. The aim of the program, as its name suggests, is to make complex ideas from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries understandable to novices. In detail, several distinct crypto-related topics are explored in Cryptocurrency for Beginners. For instance, some episodes go into the workings of Bitcoin and Ethereum, some explain how blockchain technology works, and still, others lay out the procedures for investing in cryptocurrencies.

8. Tales from the Crypt: To fit the topics of Cryptos, the name of this podcast was deftly modified from the name of an HBO program from the late 1980s. Podcaster Marty Bent brainstorms with his guests about how Bitcoin will impact various political environments and economies in episodes that span between 70 and 140 minutes. He discusses a wide range of topics, including legislation, future projects, app monetization, energy usage, and conservation. A key feature of this program is The Rabbit Hole Recap, a weekly review of the most important crypto developments.

9. The podcast Zero Knowledge focuses on zero-knowledge technology, which is becoming more and more significant in the Bitcoin and blockchain worlds. Even though the Zero Knowledge Podcast caters to a more technical audience, it is still beneficial to become familiar with the subjects and ideas. As a result of its ability to dramatically increase the privacy and scalability of blockchain networks, zero-knowledge technology is likely to become a crucial component of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

10. Investors and executives have generally given The Pomp podcast favorable reviews. The 10- to 40-minute podcast mostly focuses on Bitcoin while paying sporadic attention to other blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Anthony Pompliano (Pomp), the host, invites notable individuals from financial and cryptocurrency firms to participate in a discussion on various parts of the crypto industry.