5 limited inventory crypto coins to keep an eye on in 2023

Will 2023 be a successful year for new cryptocurrencies? Every market aficionado has this one huge question on their mind. Generally speaking, 2022 was a mediocre year for altcoins, but 2023 might be extremely different. Altcoins that have recently started or are scheduled to launch soon have a lot of potential. Given their distinctive use cases and designs, these new ventures, especially low-supply crypto tokens, have a good possibility of becoming popular. For cryptocurrency investors looking for tokens that are currently flying under the radar, this could prove to be very profitable. We look at 5 low-supply cryptocurrency tokens to keep an eye on in 2023. These projects, which have the potential to be very successful, have presales for some that have recently ended and presales for others that are currently in progress.

  • C+Charge: The initiative is a market network for EV-charging stations. Compensates users with carbon credits for using EV charging stations. In essence, it is attempting to create a centralized payments system for the EV sector. Includes a mobile app, a P2P payment system, and user wallets. Charged EVs generate carbon credits for their owners. Distributes a 1% tax carbon reflection program to all token holders.
  • Over the past few years, the project Polygon has experienced a tremendous increase in popularity and value. It enables swift and inexpensive communication across blockchain networks that are compatible with the Ethereum blockchain as a layer-2 scaling solution. With various projects incorporating Polygon and utilizing its resources, it has established itself in the field.
  • The DeFi market is dominated by Compound Finance, one of the few companies that helped spark the DeFi craze a few years ago. Utilizing the platform, individuals can add to their DeFi capital by lending and borrowing assets at interest-bearing rates. DeFi continues to be centered on the loan protocol, with the automated market maker protocol serving as the foundation for many other systems. When the crypto market returns to normalcy, which may occur in the first half of 2023, it would not be unlikely to see a resurrection of DeFi.
  • FightOut, a revolutionary move-to-earn crypto project, is rising in popularity on the crypto market and enables you to get money by leading a positive, healthy, and active lifestyle. You don’t need to buy an NFT to use FightOut, but as soon as you make an account, an NFT will be produced for you that is soulbound. In the FightOut metaverse, your NFT acts as a digital identity that showcases your accomplishments and development.
  • IBAT: A gaming platform called Battle Infinity uses play-to-earn features in both its battle games and its metaverse. You can take part in activities and communicate with other players while playing games and exploring its metaverse.
  • io: A great green platform called IMPT.io works to preserve the environment by lowering carbon footprints around the world. Introducing a service that offers carbon offsets, IMPT.io will put you in touch with thousands of affiliate retail brands when your customers conduct routine shopping.