Hyderabad’s Tanla Platforms Launches an Anti-Phishing Platform

Tanla Platforms of Hyderabad Introduces an Anti-Phishing Platform.

Tanla Platforms, a cloud communications business with its headquarters in Hyderabad, has developed Wisely ATP, an end-to-end phishing protection technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to stop spam messages from ever reaching a phone. The communications it will prevent are the ones we receive nearly daily, such as those that promise a job if we click on a link or threaten to suspend our bank account if we don’t update our KYC. Scammers use these communications to steal money and private information. According to the Global Anti Scam Coalition, these internet frauds result in losses of up to $55 billion worldwide. By providing Google, WhatsApp, and law enforcement organizations with real-time warnings on the spam communications being stopped by the platform, Tanla Platforms, while preventing them, also bring them to their attention. To build an audit trail of these messages and send them to authorities, the company deployed a blockchain platform. As a result, they can potentially be used as evidence in court if necessary.

Last week, Tanla demonstrated Wisely ATP live to a small group of journalists, demonstrating how the platform uses three AI engines to filter spam messages. The first algorithm, the reputation engine, determines whether the phone number sending the messages is reliable. Finally, the evaluation engine determines whether the communication should be allowed or blocked after the semantic engine validates the message’s language. Nevertheless, how precise is it? Is it possible that reputable messages could be blocked? According to Uday Reddy, the chief executive officer of Tanla, Wisely ATP processes over 1 trillion transactions a year in real time with an accuracy rate of over 99%.

The business added that it just completed a regulatory sandbox as required by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to verify wisely’ s functionality. The first regulatory body to implement a blockchain-based DLT solution to combat the spam problem was TRAI. Tanla has played a significant role in offering the answer, according to TRAI Chairman PD Vaghela. Reddy stated the platform can be deployed at the network level, banks can use it, and it can be used with caller-ID programs like True caller, and other things during the demonstration at Tanla’s headquarters.

Chief Marketing Officer at HDFC Bank Ravi Santhanam stated, “At HDFC Bank, we are obsessed with customer protection and safety. In two significant public campaigns, the bank has been increasing customer awareness of the phishing danger that is becoming more prevalent in India. We are excited to work with Tanla to stop phishing at its source and provide end-to-end protection for our clients, which is another step in the right direction.