Was hired then a week later rescinded due to background. I have been an Amazon Prime member almost as long as there has been Prime. Ordered Dec 22 not shipped until Jan 21: ordered Jan 6 not shipped until Jan 22- why bother? Is there any state I can go to that will hire me? It only holds weight as it shows my experience with the company. I can set up an appointment with you guys an make a step towards getting my CDL .. Say it aint true if so.. Thanks Hesitate to order from Walmart unless it will fit inside of mailbox. It can be purchased and owned by anyone without any legal permission or license. He has $$ and political influenceshe doesnt. They are above the law. The federal government however does not consider black powder guns as firearms. But it was Mark seasoning mix. Walmart would be a 20 mile trip. Amazon contended that there had photos of the delivered merchandise. On the other hand, certain states consider it illegal. The government has found a cash cow by terrifying the public into believing that sex offenders are lurking around every corner, then accepting lobby $ to fill their coffers. Hobby Lobby does not pay its part time employees the same hourly wage as full time employees. I texted to no avail. Theyre system feels like its made to cheat us out of our hard work. McDonalds should have one menu for all day because lots of people have different work shifts and lots of people eat breakfast foods at lunch and dinner. New Mexico should be vf taken off vfc the Felony friendly state. I am in need of housing and mental health. So had to order again at new higher price Feb 2nd, then the night before the 10th delivery day, suddenly the delivery date changes to Feb 28th, even though if I ordered that day it was saying would deliver the 16th. I had to file a police report in his name. I had a little break from WIC but Im now back utilizing the benefits. My question is that if I eventually do get that felony knocked down to a misdemeanor am I still a prohibited person with no 2nd amendment rights or can I go duck hunting again? Its all I had left. I havent been convicted of anything. 1 favor changing state law to allow convicted felons to use black powder guns. The Ca. Ive been trying to get a container of popcorn delivered since January 24th, its currently February 18. I have tried to set up a cash app account. For a job seeker, accounting certification courses are finite certification courses for getting suitable jobs. what happens if loss pervention stop you and its a bad stop and wrongfully I dont know anybody/any place out here so I go where I do and that is Montebello. Per the laws of the state, no person who has been convicted of a felony may purchase, own, or possess a firearm. If the courts insist on it, try your case. Is this true? What kind of father would I be doing that ? I have just begun working as a contract worker for months at a time. Has the confidence of her doctors, the parents doctors, to the point that she is and has been left in charge of narcotics, without one incidence of them being used or abused by her, only her parent. The Navy and Marine Corps put weight on the subjects criminal history, whether convicted as a juvenile or an adult. I live in Arizona where there isnt any expungment to records. I was also told that I was put down on gm side in the evening because they know I will get everything done. The thing is, lets take a DeWalt cordless tool. I have two jobs. Troy goad galax virginia. going then dhow back with a note saying excuse his absence, he was sick and noone ever tried to help me! I read serval things from different people and decided to go ahead and go through with it. As a person living in Kentucky and convicted in Ohio Of possession of forged prescription. You will still need a hunting license to be able to hunt legally. Texas/NewMexico/Colorado. I requested Public Information on my ticket. Filed in: Regulations The constitution has been usurped by tyrants and criminals that laugh as we suffer under their unjust laws while they get rich off our taxes, Looking for a felony friendly apartment asap. I would guess that customers think it looks bad. Is there anyone in the michigan city IN that will hire my brother as he is a sex offender. For example, on one of your lists you have Dollar General and here in Indiana they will not hire felons, even the warehouse, from the information we have found. When I arrived at my courtroom my judge was out sick so there was a different judge who said that he could see where she wrote that in the notes but then said that he was not prepared to honor that promise made to me. After a Clerk (Eileen Lilygren multiple convicted fellon) stole my draw ticket after checking it, and locking it in the register. Is that correct? In 1968 a law was passed that prevented people with felony convictions of owning a firearm. New Mexico should be off the felon friendly list. Supposedly due to severe weather, but it shows at an Amazon warehouse in my city a few miles from me since the 14th and its been a nice warm week this week, so severe weather seems more malarkey. This is not unique to HD and Lowes, this happens at many other places, like Walmart and Best Buy. So God given rights were trampled on then and the law abiding citizens did not have the Constitutional knowledge to stand up and fight. The list of illegal firearms includes black powder guns. And if anyone thinks the justice system is justice.. you are totally wrong. He was in the army. Ive let it go before and I did this evening but somethings got to give. The alteration means that only felons convicted of a crime that falls under the Victims Rights Act are now prohibited from possessing a gun. Stop letting them spit in your morning Cherios. i am a ex felon and held a Can a felon in the state of Texas have a black powder gun in public. Utah follows the Federal law and permits a felon to possess a black powder gun. What do they expect us to do? Buy 500 business cards and give them to the managers every chance you get. They are absolutely awesome! The market, cleaners and the three freeways I have to take its been hard on my car, a whole lotta gas, now it doesnt run right. It is no wonder the crime in the land of entrapment is out of controlex felons seeking employment are turned down. There was one day Lisa told me to do 82 and pulled out the bucket. I was hired by doordash with the same background check 6 months later they let me go for the same background information. Nonviolent crime. I lost my husband back in May. Im a business major and I love Cocoa Cola, but I want to have a commitment with Coke! Get an abortion. I see society breaking down all around me, yet I cant own a gun to defend myself, or even body armor to keep from being shot. Footlocker is the best seller of sneakers in the world and i would be honored to with for you. You have a greeter named Dan that if he is working with someone else he is standing in the breeze way leaning against the claw machine with his arms folded doing nothing and making the other person do all the work..They dont have enough people and asked why they are told that were a low theft store. Now I know the two targets we have in town take WIC Ive actually used it before. But the loading technique of a muzzleloader is different. I would go to work and do my job and more. In my case I worked 7 months at a fulfillment center, resigned for an opportunity with another company, but came back to Amazon after 6mo. I was told that my points were taken care of except for 2. His philosophy is simple, the right match for the right position is nearly always a win-win for both the employee and the company. This includes black powder revolvers, though it may be more difficult for felons to obtain these licenses due to their criminal record. They just dont care. I just wanted to clarify, that just because you have a conviction of a sex offense doesnt mean you are violent or will ever repeat your crime. Only thing with that is they turn u into a monster from it ! i just got tied up in some bs and took the blame for everybody, but i did the sentence! She was zero idea I ever left they didnt call and in form her. accuess you. Can a convicted felon own a black powder rifle? I had an every day carry pocket knife on me and used it until he broke off his attack on me. I am not able to do landscaping or construction since I damaged my body severely with wrong-sex hormones for many years while I was confused about my sex. Eventually, I ran my own office. Yes you can. I have pending felony drug possession charges that Have been fighting in court for over a year. Can I be your consultant in my country Nigeria, West Africa. I work with probation/parole and WorkOne, the employment agency for the state, providing information on who is hiring that hires felons. For only lewd and lascivious, its still possible to get kindergarten teachers assistant? The computer had FBI tagged deleted files on it and soon after he was arrested and charged with over 1500 counts of child porn featuring girls 3-6. I havent had a bacon, egg, & cheese McGriddle in years because I cant get there before 10:30am. He can possess a gun which is certified as an antique firearm as per the laws of Florida. The gun should not exceed the weight limit of fifty pounds. A SLAP in the face basically. my name is Zakir Nazari YIKES. Nobody is available to put in any human thought to there process. A murderers registry? So I had to contact a chat person at Amazon and explain there isnt going to be an item returned, so they finally put in for me to get a refund. How do you think this looks to customers. I never once was asked by anyone in my school how was i doing And i went weeks and weeks NOT. Same computer or television, but slightly different numbers. Its just ridiculous and if they never deliver the item through no fault of the buyer then you shouldnt have to pay the new increased price each time to order it again. They always say insufficient funds when I try to buy my disabled US Army Vet hubbys favs, i.e., bread, almond milk, cream, cereal, meat, fish, crackers, cookies,. I want to know who trains felons for free cdl and also have night classses after 4;30pm MON-FRI. Im so afraid i will be discriminated against when time for me to go to assisted living, THIS ARCHAIC PUNISHMENT INSTEAD OF THE HELP I NEEDED WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL( why do we have student councilors? I have a lot of felonies u der my belt from my drug days & find it near impossible to find a job in the state of Florida. That was someone else who asked this same question. I have criminal threats on my record! I planing also to travel to North Carolina. My grandma was grandfathered in for her pay after like 15 years, so new people started at what she was making or more. It requires a hunting license to be eligible to hunt legally. They shun and despise Felons. If I would have known that was allowed I would have done it too. He was still under 21 and lived with a parent on fixed income. i have an expirence in international market in the same fields like grand hyper market.i was work there as a purchase manager. I became drug free in February of 1991 prior to my incarceration in 1993. Black powder firearms are exempt from federal laws. Can a statutory rapist be a photographer? Ima in Utah and Im trying to move out of my sight and have health problems! People convicted of murder, robbery and felony assault, for instance, are still barred for life from having a firearm. I can only conclude the one whom posted this should not be payed or pronounced as much as it hurts me to say so. She even yells at customers. The unpaid time off structure is very punishing for those who have emergencies. It appears to me they are either trying to cover up something or they are truly dumb customer service people that dont know I can read! Same with cashiers. Why so complicated? How do I report the bad service at my local Popeyes? They shoot fel cannonballs, but have a boiler grill on the front in the stead of a barrel.. Oh ya I forgot one thing. Next, Amazon will contact the police depart to verify the Close Report Number ,and then offer you a refund. And delivering twice as fast! Hello, As if 300,000 civilian deaths wasnt enough, Green felt it was okay to go ahead and rob them of their history and public wealth as well. It was so good! Some of us do not wanna be dependent on the government to take care of us! Ive read in several articles that Aamzon should NOT see offenses made 7-10 yrs ago. I was let go because of points. I have committed many misdemeanors since then and have had my share of doing time , but have over the last 10 years been free from offenses. How is this fair??? When he threw it in park and came at me he knocked me to the ground and started pummeling me. The 7 year limit thing in NM is, in short, bs. So now after only 2 weeks of being back, my employee profile shows my tenure as 7.5mo. I love the Walmart Neighborhood Market near my home. PayPal scams money from people by contacting them saying their accounts are compromised and then scamming a person into so they can steal money from them. However mine did from 15 years ago. That kind of technology generally includes hand-loaded bullets. I was bullied twice and HR, corporate HR, the CEO, the ethics board, did not help. People dont under stand how hard this is for someone that has been gone for 12 years and to start over. The same as someone coming in the company, that worked less than 6 months. If a coworker doesnt like you, envious of you, prejudice of you, or wants your position, that coworker can accuse you of something that would get you fired. In Florida, it is illegal for convicted felons to possess a firearm. There were supposed to be 9 packages, all delivered the same day. Im 51, had a clean record until I was 46 when a girlfriends ex attacked me at my house 3 times. I dont need a lifetime discount card. That's why a muzzleloader is considered a black powder gun. Employers shun me and treat me really bad act like I am Jack the Ripper. It may not sound like much but I would make sure there were 2 full boxes of bags at each register and that bags were full i did trash and hangers would clean registers and sweep under them time permitting. False. The Gov is not always right if they misjudged you you know and that is all that really counts. NOBODY follows it, and the personal background checkers display your charges, expunged data, and anyting you have been found guilty of. I have been hired and went to orientation (Kmart) and terminated before actually starting work. I would like go to dog walking I have had experience for walking dogs I have 4 dogs. I will also be emailing the CEO Mr, Doug MCmILLON AND CALLING ETHICS. Amazon doesnt hire felons, I was denied a job with them because of this. You will have to live with parents or family members . I have a spreadsheet titled Felony Friendly Employers and I am always looking to add information. Fel cannons are cannons infused with fel energy and used by the Burning Legion to protect the territory they have claimed for themselves. I also feel the need to point out the information about background checks is wrong too. It ignites violence amongst them once again. this has realy people me to find my career, Something got to give cops take advantage of young men and because of that life hell for us.. 9 Years ago I made mistake I ant know but I own up to it I was young and dum And ever since my life been hell trying find work.. How can you take care family and build family when no one will give you chance from mistake years ago.. Something got to give, Can you show me pictures of the pistols Im allowed as a felon. reghdfe predict out of sample; When the authorities approve his application, he can own a black powder gun. Technically, a muzzleloader is a firearm that runs by pushing the projectile. Unless this isnt a post for the US..Walmart does indeed allow Afterpay..not in store I believe its only on line for now.. love to be part of your organisation and work for as a nurse air or nurse assistant. Ive had several conversations with them lately and while the reps will apologize there is NO INDICATION that shipping speeds will return to the 2 day expected time. Therefore, I do not know which address to use. An abundance of misspelling. A felon can, however, own them if he has restored his firearm right. No delivery jobs will hire me not even pizza delivery. February 1 . However, when I use my Visa debit card it not only is swift but it appears on the screen. I was a powerful voice of redemption for the church for many years, and have had a ministry that carried me for years, but the ministry can no longer carry me and I cannot find a job anywhere. i had no idea there was such a thing. Ive had to re-order 3x and yet to receive it once. No longer confused anything to understand thank you so much. In this video I definitively answer the question of wether or not a felon can have a black powder firearm!Support The Channel:Cashapp $15minfitPayPal https:/. You have an associate that when she turns her light out at night she goes to the breakroom until it is time to leave and then she punches out early when were notsuppose to do that until the exact time. Its very hard to live down here. Never got any help One night my line was all the way back into apparel. There are many on the sex offender registry that do not belong on it. Their address is 2496 Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL 62704. They were cases with the individuals parent and this individual was battling drug addiction at the time and has since been almost 8 years clean. May I use my HD CC to purchase paint from a proprietary company in KY, that has only one outlet and must ship their product to me? God bless and thank you for the info and inspo. Basically if you can get your passport youre solid. Yes. Finprov provides a Job-oriented finance course, accounting training from master trainers. Utah follows Federal law, and also allows a restricted person in . This goes for apartment/lodging aswell. Your conviction can and will be used against you in the decision making process. I have people reach out from all over the country, working with a young lady in Florida and a guy in Nevada. It can be purchased and owned by anyone without any legal permission or license. In Michigan, it is illegal for a felon to own or use a firearm without an approved pardon from the government. You think Amazon would like to keep their clients. Home Depot does not have employee discounts. On your way to your car you are attacked, raped, and impregnated. So, I take this news of him giving up the stores a lie? I live in Ohio. CAN I USE AN AMAZON GIFT CARD AT A GAS STATION ? The justice system is cruelly wrong.I know they say, if you do the crime then do the time,but once the time is over it should all be done with.Have more to say, but Ill wait to another day and time.

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