Theres nothing wrong with that. Jaxon Smith-Njigba, 20th, Seattle; 2. 40-Yard Dash: 4.26 (99th) Getting Illinois safety Sydney Brown at No. Stat to Know: Mauch allowed just two sacks, five quarterback hits, and 16 quarterback hurries in 836 pass-blocking snaps through his time at North Dakota State. There certainly are questions, starting with a completion percentage in the mid-50 and a limited number of starts. Weaknesses: When hes in the slot as a pass defender, Simpson shows a need for more development. Height: 6 5 (80th percentile) Weight: 253 (52nd) NFL Comparison: Adewale Ogunleye. Strengths: Branch just sees the game very well; even if hes beaten on the play, he has a tendency to limit the damage after the catch as a deeper defender. 10-Yard Split: 1.53 (68th) And as a pass-rusher, Simpson can act as a LEO off the line, blitz with relative impunity, or just run-and-chase the quarterback from a spy position. There are times when Musgrave could improve his radius for his quarterbacks by squaring to the ball more accurately and with better timing. Strengths: Downs is regarded primarily as a slot receiver due to his size, but he was also a pest, over and over, from the outside on all kinds of shorter routes like slants, drags, hitches, and out routes from the outside. But it didn't quite pan out for either one. And while Tuipulotu isnt particularly bendy in his ability to flatten his rush path around the corner, he has these bursts of acceleration at the right time to surprise tackles at the worst possible time for the tackles, and for their quarterbacks. But the results on tape are often lacking. Hes a really good player, and the fact that hes with arguably the best O-line coach in the NFL in Jeff Stoutland who has worked with Nick Saban and knows him well bodes well. In cases like that, you want to see consistent dominance to project his professional future, as opposed to stuff like this. 2. Taylor, 34, was with Pittsburgh for two Super Bowl wins and three conference titles. Itll be fascinating to see where his NFL team has him playing, and whether that changes from game to game and season to season. You have to have a plan for him, and that plan involves the design of open-space concepts he can exploit. He walked on at North Dakota Statem redshirting as a defensive end while he gained the necessary weight to switch to the offensive line. Can you go to NFL without high Bio: Freeland was an athletic wonder at Herriman High School in Herriman, Utah, excelling at basketball and track as well as football. NFL Comparison: Jason Witten. He was a quarterback and defensive back at a small Kansas high school and walked on at K-State in 2003 as a safety. Broad Jump: 118 (68th) Pitt clogged the middle of the field here, so Hookers best option was to wait for Tillman to get open against fairly good lockdown coverage to the boundary. Bryce Youngs frame and size would have deterred me for durability concerns. Bench Press: N/A As a matter of fact, the Lithuanian-born Kieras had never even seen a football game until he arrived on campus in 2014. Vertical Jump: 29 (52nd) Weaknesses: Its a good thing that Torrence can block two guys at once. 40-Yard Dash: N/A Height: 6 0 (14th percentile) Weight: 225 (5th) He racked up 5.5 sacks in 2020 and has 50 tackles in his career. If Hyatt was beating press all the time and running 20 unique routes (he had 12 last season, per Sports Info Solutions), he would be the lead-pipe No. Weve already shown a couple examples, but heres another red zone interception against Miami of Ohio in which Levis has tight end Keaton Upshaw open to the boundary on a well-executed pick play, and Levis cant time it up. 40-Yard Dash: 4.48 (63rd) Arm Length: 33 (92nd) My objective is as a running back, as a ballcarrier, to just make the first guy miss. Weaknesses: Turner isnt the most physically imposing cornerback on this list he will get beaten up a bit by more aggressive receivers, and hes not gong to be your first choice if you need a defensive back attuned to stopping the run. Youd just like to see him be more consistently economical with his movement. 20-Yard Shuttle: N/A, Wingspan: 77 (61st) Strengths: As a straight-line runner, Kraft is a smooth glider to start, with impressive acceleration to the second and third levels. White had just 72 snaps for the Yellow Jackets in that first campaign, but he really put it together in 2022. The first year he needs to learn. An NFL D-line coach we talked to last week was even more effusive about him. The ways in which hes able to casually Godzilla defensive linemen is kind of hilarious. Brown played 1,340 snaps in the box, 747 at free safety, 768 in the slot, 101 at cornerback, and 191 on the defensive line. Flecks Western Michigan program, subsequently following Fleck to Minnesota. Height: 5 9 (8th percentile) Weight: 171 (2nd) Heres where the fact that he broke the South Dakota State power-clean record shows up. The 49ers stole Greenlaw out of Arkansas in the fifth round of the 2019 draft, and while coverage has never been his thing, Greenlaw has become one half of the NFLs best linebacker duo alongside Fred Warner. Conclusion: Achanes athleticism has been touted for a long time, that praise is well-deserved, and he can deploy it at a level that puts defenses in a box more often than defenses would like. Like Johnson, Dugger is at his best when he can set the tone against receivers as opposed to letting them get him out of phase with certain route concepts, and hes become one of the most valuable cogs in New Englands defense. Alas. An All-State and All-County player who finished his high-school tenure with 187 catches for 3,019 yards and 32 touchdowns, Downs also lettered in basketball and track. But theres a difference between production and value, and Washington can provide a ton of value as a field-tilter in all facets for his next team. Arm Length: 32 (52nd) 1. 10-Yard Split: 1.86 (24th) Weaknesses: As much as its true for any cornerback on this list, Brents has real issues matching and catching receivers who can shake him with changes in quick angles., Dane Brugler (@dpbrugler) January 30, 2023. There is no pressure on Levis to come and try and win the job now. Strengths: Smith also works well on an island. He can also play guard. Height: 6 3 (54th percentile) Weight: 301 (38th) "It's different.". Conclusion: Of all the multi-gap defensive linemen in this class who will primarily ply their trade as edge defenders in the NFL, Tuipulotu could well have the most upside as a pure edge guy with his quickness, flexibility, and suddenness to the quarterback. Stat to Know: We are all up in our feelings comparing Levis to Josh Allen apparently, so consider this: In Levis final collegiate season, he completed 16 of 39 deep passes for 541 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions, and a passer rating of 75.5. Instead they combined for six touchdowns during their brief pro careers. Text message from a college coach after I asked if anything caught his eye: Stanford had like five guys drafted but not many wins. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: nfl | pageType: stories | I love it," Kieras said. Oh, they remember him in Washington, but for totally different reasons. 10-Yard Split: 1.79 (29th) Wentz has played at an MVP level when he operated very specifically in a defined offense with the Eagles, and hes been mystery meat ever since in a variety of systems. The Panthers selected Horn with the eighth overall pick in the 2021 draft, and hes become a lockdown cornerback regardless of coverage concept. After Irish fans had to wait until the second night of the draft to hear Mayers name called, they didnt have to wait much longer for the second Irish player to be selected. We had been working on that play Hug the playside leg, and it just popped right out the front door. Height: 6 3 (81st percentile) Weight: 213 (77th) Torrance is also more than capable of taking the best a defensive tackle has to give him when hes backing up, and erasing that defensive tackle from the play. Round 2 and 3 grades:Rating every pick Ray Seals will turn 56 later this year. In 2022, he allowed no sacks, three quarterback hits, and four quarterback hurries in 462 pass-blocking reps. Stat to Know: Freeland had blown blocks on just 0.3% of his run snaps last season. Conclusion: As 2022 was Avilas first season playing left guard, youre inclined to forgive the technical missteps and bank on the ridiculous play strength that could have him blowing NFL defensive tackles sooner than later. "I never liked soccer. Despite coming from a football family with all kinds of Trojans ties, Matthews wasn't considered much of a prospect out of high school. Went undrafted in 2010, and has bounced around between a few teams as a WR/CB. Broad Jump: N/A He played quarterback and tight end in high school, committing to BYU as a three-star recruit. Height: 6 2 (86th percentile) Weight: 198 (18th) You dont want to miss on a prospect because your evaluation started out on the wrong foot. Weaknesses: Because he has just one year of experience as a true linebacker, Sanders is very raw in pass coverage. He will veer towards arm talent, and then regress back to arm strength, where youre just not sure what youre going to get. Over three seasons with the Utes, Phillips had one sack, five pressures, 107 tackles, 39 stops, and he allowed 114 catches on 178 targets for 1,362 yards, 557 yards after the catch, seven touchdowns, nine interceptions, 14 pass breakups, and an opponent passer rating of 79.4. Hand Size: 9 (89th). Strengths: Musgraves high-percentile speed and burst at the combine absolutely show up on tape. The other draft I loved was the Seahawks. That does seem to have changed to an extent with the Aggies last few recruiting classes but that trend needs to be continued and even amped up as A&M moves into a football world thats evolved quite a bit conceptually since Fishers arrival in 2018. Opposing offenses also deal with him by throwing screens and picks at him, and that doesnt always work in Porters favor. Vertical Jump: 31 (26th) 8. Weaknesses: Tuipulotus athleticism doesnt always extend to open space; hes probably not the first guy on your mind, for example, when its time to spy a mobile quarterback. He was moved to the offensive line -- a position he never had played -- that fall as a redshirt. The best cornerbacks and cornerback coaches will talk about staying in phase and not chasing plays. He originally joined the Irish as a four-star recruit from De La Salle high school in California. Luke Wypler, 190th, Browns; 7. In addition, those coaches gushed to scouts about his ability, drive, toughness and leadership. With 10:35 left in the second quarter, Spears did indeed shift into the A-gap, and Memphis linebacker Cincir Evans had no idea what was coming. Hyatt isnt a yards after catch receiver in the sense that hell beat contact to gain yards after it. Mims worked his way back to football at Legacy Christian Academy and then Lone Star High School. 1 NFL draft picks were like as college football recruits: Only how many five-stars?! Height: 6 7 (92nd percentile) Weight: 302 (12th) Hooker was good against two-deep coverages last season (69 of 100 for 947 yards, 742 air yards, eight touchdowns, and two interceptions), but he does need to work on adaptive strategies for when his receivers are pressed, and he has to re-set quickly. As is the case for most lighter linebackers in the modern era, Simpson is better off reading gaps like a running back to get to the ball. Cornerback Jaylon Jones went in the seventh round to the Colts (221st overall) and he was mocked anywhere from 83rd to 200th overall immediately prior to the event. That limited his utility and in turn his draft stock which drove him down the bog boards in league war rooms. As we detailed last week, the 6-4, 244-pound 20-year-old with 4.43 speed and a 40-inch vertical has an athletic skill set unlike anyone the NFLhas ever seen. 10-Yard Split: 1.54 (89th) Based on his close observations, deep knowledge of the sport and relationships with college football figures, he offers 14 reactions to what played out over three days and seven rounds this weekend. Porter is better with this than he used to be, but there are still coaching points to consider. This interception against Tennessee had Levis giving perfunctory looks to his front-side reads (Brown and Tayvion Robinson), then traveling to the back side and making this inexplicable throw to Dane Key which was picked off by cornerback Brandon Turnage. Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Lawrence Taylor are just a few of the greats who didnt play tackle football until high school. So, I took it and I embraced it and now it's going well for me, so far.". We talked about the importance of the Y-iso position in the Dalton Kincaid discussion, and LaPorta is another prospect with the athleticism to be that guy. Sav Rocca Easily the best name on the entire list, Sav Rocca was a latecomer to the NFL he didnt play in the league proper until the age of 36, when he caught on with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2006, becoming the oldest rookie in league history. Bryce Young discovered this last season in a highly unpleasant fashion. 20-Yard Shuttle: N/A, Wingspan: N/A Broad Jump: 129 (89th) While there are reps of drive-blocking on his tape, hes more a dotter of Is than a pure assassin when hes hitting people in space, and thats not going to work at the next level. Weaknesses: There are times when Martin needs to be more aware of routes, and keep his feet under him when hes closing to the receiver. Rico Gathers is now 27 years old. I dont see it, and nobody that Ive talked to talks about him like that.. Moss went to the Broncos this weekend. Torrence has snaps in which this seems possible, but it might not happen overnight. Hand Size: 10 (45th). The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari. You always wonder how long into a game guys his size will last, and there are legitimate concerns with that. When Jason Witten retired for the first time from the NFL, the Cowboys were hoping that Rico Gathers could help fill the void. Spears can de-legitimize contact at all levels of the field, which is an important attribute. Those were great football teams with terrific players, but the number of talented offensive skill players who didn't translate to the NFL is still baffling to me. Every year we played him he got better.. Yes, theres going to be a steep learning curve transition from a Vols offensive system thats rooted in the old Art Briles Baylor attack to the NFL, but with Jared Goff entrenched there and Hooker rehabbing from his knee injury, theres no rush. But the finishing touches that make great NFL deep-ball throwers are not on display nearly enough. Swann spent his time in the NFL as a defensive tackle and a defensive end. does lilly k have a spine, garrett morris snl hearing impaired,

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